Sunday, November 25, 2007



Last week I saw the place where they make the comics that almost everyone knows as Marvel. What amazed me was that they used so many people to make one comic book. First they have people who think of ideas. Then artists (using Macs) and writers (using PCs) have to put in the meat of the book. Next they have to edit the text. Finally, they have to publish and market the comic book . But still they make it look so easy to make a comic.

Now, onto the fun stuff, like the Marvel life-size Spiderman (that you see above). There is also an 8 foot long fish tank. You might find it weird that they have a "duress button" at a conference room that calls everyone to that spot.

Our hostess at Marvel is an editor of comic books. She showed us a huge poster of the entire Marvel family where people stick post-it notes on characters like "I'm dead but I came back to die again" or "I'm still dead". She also told us how editors at Marvel will work with anyone who has a good story and turn it into a comic.

All and all, it was a fun day (I got a PowerPack book signed by the editor) and also a weird one (because of the duress button).

P.S. Abuela thank you for teaching me to love Marvel.

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